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No Bait And Switch

People who are looking to purchase vehicles on Craigslist  must be careful.  Scammers are selling junk cars with salvage or reconstructed titles. Some buyers on Craigslist  post ads to vehicles which don’t exist just to get calls…this a common bait and switch tactic.

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There are also ads that look great based on the doctored pictures that  are used.  When you show up to look at the vehicle it ends up being a piece of junk. Also never go to meet someone at remote or secluded location to view a vehicle, people have been robbed and even assaulted doing this.

I post the exact car I am selling and promote it honestly by listing the vehicles make, model, year, engine size, mileage and condition as well as all the options it may or may not have.I never advertise a vehicle that I don’t  have on my lot for sale at the time the ad is running. I do not like that type of” bait and switch” tactic.

Sellers on Craigslist
Sellers also have to be cautious as there are scammer buyers on there as well. These scammers will e mail or text you saying they will pay full price for your vehicle listed and without looking at it will send you a money order or bogus bank check to purchase it. They then go on to say how they will send their shipper to pick up the vehicle. These types of buyers are scammers.

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